How To Check For And Safely Remove Asbestos-Containing Materials From Your Home's Exterior

Beginning in the early 1900s, asbestos was used in many types of products until scientists discovered the adverse health affects caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. Although the U.S. Federal Government has several types of bans on products containing asbestos, roofing felt is not one of them. And asbestos siding was installed on homes up until 1980. It is important to know if either of these asbestos-containing materials were used in the building of your home, so when they become old and in need of replacement, you can make sure they are properly removed to prevent a health hazard.

3 Attractive, Shade-Producing, Energy-Efficient Trees To Reduce Your Home's Cooling Costs

Landscaping is an important part of your home's appeal and value, but it can also help reduce your heating and cooling costs. While surprising for many homeowners to learn, creating shade around your home using different trees can block out the summer heat and reduce your air-conditioner costs. Of course, learning how and where to plant these shade-producing trees is imperative to maximize your energy savings. To conserve energy and reduce cooling costs by 35 percent in the summer, plant shade-producing trees on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home.

Looking To Remodel A Small Bathroom? Three Tips For Making It Feel Larger

If you have a small bathroom that is outdated, you may be thinking about remodeling the space. However, as you remodel it, you want to focus on making it look and feel larger. This can make a bathroom look and feel more functional and less cramped. A remodeling service can help you come up with a variety of different ideas that will make your bathroom look and feel modern, while also making it feel larger.

3-Step Guide To Troubleshooting Your Sump Pump After Your Basement Floods

If you have a sump pump in your basement, you may have found out that your basement still flooded after a heavy downpour. If so, use the following three-step guide for troubleshooting the problem with the pump, as well as performing simple solutions to possible causes. Step 1:  Make Sure The Pump's Motor Is Running The first step is to make sure the pump's motor is running properly. If it does not work at all or is cutting off prematurely, it will not have the power to drain all of the water out of your basement.

Accessories And Tips That Can Improve Life In The Kitchen For People With Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that impacts approximately 52.5 million adults throughout the United States. Among those suffering from arthritis, an estimated 2 million say that arthritis makes it difficult for them to grasp smaller objects while an approximate 3 million says they have trouble lifting anything that weighs 10 pounds or more. These problems can make daily activities in the kitchen seem impossible, but there are plenty of accessories and tips that can change all of that.