7 Ways To Keep Your Air Conditioning Costs Under Control

There is nothing more comforting than walking into a cool house on a humid summer day. However, running your air conditioner all day can make your electricity bills go through the roof, especially if you live in a home with poor insulation. In fact, it is pretty easy to spend hundreds of dollars a month on air conditioning costs in the summer. Here are seven ways to keep your air conditioning costs under control:

Three Ways To Make The Best Of French Doors

French doors are a marvel of creation. One part window, one part door, they give any room or home a light, airy feel while adding a bit of visual interest. Used both indoors and out, you can use them to section off rooms or create an open-air sitting area during nice weather. Although French doors work well in a variety of settings, you can boost their appropriateness by heeding a few expert design tips when planning.

5 Specifics About Residential Skylights (And Why You Might Consider Installing Them With Your New Roof)

As part of your new residential roof installation service, skylights may be an option to consider. Other than offering aesthetic appeal and resale value, skylights can be energy efficient and offer natural light and privacy as well. Here is more about this topic that may help you decide if skylights are right for you when installing your new roof: 1. Skylights Optimize Natural Light Is your home lacking sufficient natural light?

Understanding Soil & Ground Testing Practices

If you have been working with a contractor to build a new home, then you may need to have a septic system installed on the property. This is absolutely necessary if there is not a town sewage system that can be connected to the home. Before a septic system can be installed though, your contractors will need to do a variety of things. Testing to make sure that your soil can handle a properly placed drainage field is one of them.

How You Can Repair a Cracked Parapet to Prevent Roof Leaks

Parapets are an extension in the exterior wall of a building above the roof's surface. Unfortunately, the joint between a parapet and roof surface is vulnerable to cracking, and this can lead to leaks during periods of rain or snow. However, it isn't difficult to fix cracked parapets if you use the right materials and tools. Below is how you can quickly and easily seal cracks in your roof's parapets: