3 Tips To Help You Eliminate Moisture Problems In Your Basement

If you rarely spend time in your basement because of the musty smell and dampness in the air, you may want to take some time to find out how to dehumidify the air in this part of your house. High humidity levels in a basement is a problem many people have, but it is not a good problem to live with. Humidity can lead to structural damage in a home and mold, and it can contaminate the air in your home.

Tips To Help You Replace Your Home's Broken Main Sewer Line

When your home's main sewer line becomes damaged or collapses, you need to have it replaced as soon as possible. With the right knowledge and tools, you can do some or all of the replacement work yourself. Here are some tips to help you complete this repair. Prepare the Excavation Site Once you have determined your sewer main needs replacement, you need to find and mark your sewer line's location in your yard.

How To Check For And Safely Remove Asbestos-Containing Materials From Your Home's Exterior

Beginning in the early 1900s, asbestos was used in many types of products until scientists discovered the adverse health affects caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. Although the U.S. Federal Government has several types of bans on products containing asbestos, roofing felt is not one of them. And asbestos siding was installed on homes up until 1980. It is important to know if either of these asbestos-containing materials were used in the building of your home, so when they become old and in need of replacement, you can make sure they are properly removed to prevent a health hazard.

Looking To Remodel A Small Bathroom? Three Tips For Making It Feel Larger

If you have a small bathroom that is outdated, you may be thinking about remodeling the space. However, as you remodel it, you want to focus on making it look and feel larger. This can make a bathroom look and feel more functional and less cramped. A remodeling service can help you come up with a variety of different ideas that will make your bathroom look and feel modern, while also making it feel larger.

3-Step Guide To Troubleshooting Your Sump Pump After Your Basement Floods

If you have a sump pump in your basement, you may have found out that your basement still flooded after a heavy downpour. If so, use the following three-step guide for troubleshooting the problem with the pump, as well as performing simple solutions to possible causes. Step 1:  Make Sure The Pump's Motor Is Running The first step is to make sure the pump's motor is running properly. If it does not work at all or is cutting off prematurely, it will not have the power to drain all of the water out of your basement.