Tips For Checking Up On Your Well Pump

If you own a well on your property, you likely appreciate the natural source of water that it provides for you and your family. Well water can be healthier for you than water from the tap, and it also eliminates your water bill. But if you want your water well to continue providing you the resources you and your family need, you will need to take steps to make sure it remains in good condition and that includes taking care of the well pump. Without a properly functioning well pump, no one in your family will be getting any water at all. Here are some tips for keeping an eye on your well pump and making sure it remains in good condition.

Always Inspect Your Well After Every Storm

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on the exterior of your house when it gets especially bad out, with wind, sleet, or even a deluge of rain causing potential damage or problems. If you have a water well, you'll want to inspect the area around the well and your well components after every storm as well. Check your pump for any cracks or areas that just don't look right, plus inspect any housing you are using to protect the pump. If you notice any issues at all, contact a professional for assistance.

Coat Your Pump With Anti-Corrosion Sealant

If you ever notice a drip around your pump, you should get the leak fixed as soon as possible before it causes a problem. But another way you can protect your pump is to coat the entire structure with an anti-corrosive sealant. This will keep corrosion and rust at bay even if your pump does get wet from a drip or from the weather. If you can keep your pump corrosion-free, you will significantly reduce wear and tear on the pump and extend its lifespan.

Keep Debris Out of the Fans

Your well pump generates heat while it is in action, and that's what the cooling fans that surround the pump are for. But just like the fan in your air conditioning unit, it's possible for dirt, dust, or debris to accumulate over time. Clean the fans out once every couple of months to ensure the pump gets the cooling it needs without issue.

Get Your Pump Serviced

For best results when it comes to well pumps, it's an excellent idea to get your pump serviced by a professional at least once a year or more frequently with heavy use. A small issue can be fixed before it turns into a larger repair that might drain your wallet. Contact a well pump service for more information.