Things To Know About Roofing Scaffolding

Working from a height poses a lot of risks to the workers and people on the ground. Falls, for instance, are some of the most common causes of death for those working in construction and related industries.

When someone is working on a roof, all the risks of working at such a height need to properly considered. For many homeowners, ladders are the go-to solution during such jobs. However, in many instances, experts will advise the use of scaffolding instead. What makes roofing scaffolding a preferred choice among roofing contractors?

Scaffolding is Safer

One of the main issues with ladders is that while they may allow you to reach certain areas, they can be very unsafe. A standard ladder usually rests on two legs and this means it may not be as stable as you'd wish, especially if you reach out further than you should. It's also harder to secure tools on a ladder, increasing the risk of tools falling to the ground and injuring somebody.

Since scaffolding is much more stable and offers different solutions to tool management, both the workers and anyone passing down below will be much safer.

Multiple People Can Share a Scaffold

A ladder can only be used by one person at a time and this can slow down the speed of the work being done. A scaffold, on the other hand, is usually designed to handle the weight of several people at once. This allows several people to work on your roof safely, resulting in speedy work.

Scaffolding Comes with Different Features

Another reason why contractors love scaffolding is the fact that it comes with various features that make things easier and safer for those using them and others. For example, scaffolding with a lip or edge will make it less likely that tools or materials will fall off the edge. A chute can be added to make it easier and safer to transport materials to the ground from the roof.

You Can Leave the Scaffolding Out for Days

Scaffolding will take much longer to set up compared to a ladder. However, if you have a large project that will take several days or weeks, scaffolding is the way to go. You can leave the scaffolding up for as long as it takes to complete the roofing project. Scaffolding can handle adverse weather as long as the necessary measures are taken to ensure its properly secured.

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