Maintenance And Repairs That Keep Your Garage Door From Coming Out Of The Tracks

It's a frightening thought, but it's possible for your garage door to come out of the tracks. There might be advance warning signs that indicate the tracks are in trouble, or the door might come off the tracks when you run into the door with your car. Here are a few causes of this dangerous problem and things you can do to prevent it from happening.

What Causes A Garage Door To Come Off The Tracks?

Besides hitting the door with your car as you pull in or out of the garage, a common reason for the door to come out of the tracks is due to lack of maintenance. The bolts that hold the door to the wall will slowly vibrate loose over time as you open and close the door through routine use. When the tracks get loose, they shift out of position, and the door can get wobbly as it opens and closes. This extra stress on the tracks can cause the metal to bend and the rollers to come out of the tracks. If the rollers are worn down, they slip out of the tracks more easily.

Also, any damage to the tracks caused by clutter in your garage slamming against them, or sticking that causes excess vibration, might eventually lead to damage that allows the door to leave the tracks. Signs that point to trouble with the rollers and tracks include sticking, shuddering, and loud noises as the door opens and closes.

How To Keep Your Garage Door From Coming Off The Tracks

Routine maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep your garage door in good working order. If you don't feel comfortable checking your door and doing simple maintenance, then call a garage door repair service, and they'll do it for you. Some things you can do are to tighten loose bolts and lubricate the rollers. Also, watch for damage to the track and wear and tear on the rollers. If the rollers look worn down or if the door doesn't glide smoothly in the track, call a repair professional to take a look. He or she may need to put in new rollers, realign the track, or straighten out dinged areas in the metal.

These repairs are easier to do than trying to fix a door that has jumped the tracks especially if the door is damaged in the process. A door that's crooked or hanging off the tracks is dangerous and a reason to have repairs right away, so you aren't hurt by a falling heavy door.

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