Buying A New Garage Door? Avoid Making These Mistakes

Do you have a damaged garage door? If so, it may be at the point where you are looking into replacing it sometime soon. Getting a new garage door is an investment you're making in your home, since it improves the curb appeal and function of a feature you use every single day. However, you will need to avoid making these mistakes before you purchase a new door.

Don't Buy Based Just On The Price

As a homeowner, you likely try not to spend any more money than you need to when making home improvements. That said, you will see a difference in the quality of a garage door within the different price ranges.

The low end of the price range will include garage doors that are builder quality, which is essentially the bare minimum required for a garage door. Many contractors use these when building homes to save on expenses, since potential buyers don't look closely at the quality of the door when purchasing the home.

Upgrading to a better quality garage door means that you will get one that is more durable, lasting longer before it needs replacement again. Garage doors can also have better insulation, which helps the garage feel more comfortable and cuts down on your energy bills.

Don't Forget About The Warranty

It's normal for a new garage door to come with a warranty, which will cover parts that break prematurely during those first few years of the garage door being installed. However, be aware that there may be some conditions that need to be met to validate the warranty. Find out if the door needs to be installed by a company that specializes in installing garage doors. You may also have to register the garage door to prove when it was installed and who did it.

In addition, verify that the installation company provides a warranty on the labor as well. If the new garage door needs to be replaced within the warranty window, this will prevent the need to pay for the labor to have all the work done, even if the door itself is covered by the warranty.

Don't Neglect The Opener

Always consider upgrades that need to be made to the garage door opener when replacing the garage door. If you are upgrading to a heavier door, you may need a more powerful opener to lift the additional weight of the door. The garage door services company you hire can help with selecting the right opener and installing it.