Four Benefits To Using Temporary Fence Panels On Your Construction Site

Temporary fence panels offer construction companies a host of benefits when setting up construction sites. If you are planning a big job and are not sure whether you need a temporary fence, consider the following benefits of these convenient panels.

Easy Setup

Unlike installing a permanent fence, temporary fence panels don't need to be sunk into the ground. They feature platforms that help them to stay upright, even in windy weather. The connect easily to one another to create a perimeter for your job site, and they are easy to take down when the job is over. With easy installation, these fence panels provide a fast way to secure your construction site before work begins.

Space For Advertising

Temporary fence panels can serve multiple purposes. Use the panels as a way to advertise your construction company, your development, or other projects you currently have in the works. The chain link panels are perfect for hanging vinyl banners or metal signs, creating temporary ad space for your business. Place the signs facing the street and busy sidewalks to capture the attention of passersby.

Securing The Job Site

You won't likely want people wandering onto your construction site, and temporary fence panels create a barrier that helps to prevent this problem. Temporary chain link fences come in several different heights, so you can find the most appropriate option for your job. You can add a gate to the entrance of the site, which can be locked at night after your crew leaves. The fence panels help to keep children, animals, and even would-be vandals from gaining entrance to the job site, and they also provide a way to let people know that the area is under construction.

Informational Signage

You can use the chain link fence panels to hold signs that give your crew vital information. For example, you can post a warning that anyone who enters is entering a hard hat zone, or you can post signs indicating where the crew can park personal vehicles. For building developments that have not yet been sold, post a sign letting people know where the leasing, sales or construction office is. This is particularly important if the sales office is located on the job site, as it will help people to find where they need to go to complete a sale or sign a lease for the development.

If you aren't already using temporary fence panels at your job site, consider these benefits and how they can help your construction company. You can also visit websites like