Steel Fabrication Considerations

Whether you need small steel pieces to complete your products or want large customized parts, a fabrication shop is a partner you'll need to reach your goals. Before starting they'll have a consultation with you, but before that meeting, you should become aware of some of the issues that will be discussed, such as those that follow:

Which Steel Can Be Used?

Different types of steel can be used at different price points. You may have shiny steel pieces in your mind when thinking of the parts you want to be fabricated, but in many cases, cold rolled steel-much cheaper and duller than stainless steel--can work as well.

Are Samples Available?

Even with your design team's expertise, being able to hold a fabricated sample in your hands and use it can help you find any problems and rethink the piece if necessary. Ask fabrication shops if they're willing to fabricate a single sample for your team to evaluate before going forward with the rest of your order; therefore you don't have to be concerned with the possibility of ending up with multiple unusable pieces.

Is Laser Cutting an Option? 

Laser cutting is an ultramodern way to fabricate steel and other metals. By uploading your team's design to a shop's 3D software platform, a laser can be configured to cut custom pieces. Lasers cut steel so cleanly that in some cases, smoothing and finishing work can be skipped.

If this method is interesting to you, know that it can be somewhat more expensive than other fabrication techniques. Remember to ask whether a shop can check clearances and other specifications in your design so the pieces turn out right the first time. Luckily, even if design mistakes slip through, lasers can be stopped almost instantly so that very few "bad" pieces are made. Updates and changes can be uploaded so your order is completed.

Which Finishes are Appropriate? 

Polishing and finishes are options which improve how your pieces look, but they can have additional functional benefits you don't know much about. Some finishes can give pieces protection against rust. Some finishes can help pieces survive abrasions with minimal or no damage. It's wise to ask for professional input so that the pieces not only look great but last.

Thinking about these fabrication issues before meeting up with shop professionals ensures that you can successfully follow the flow of conversation during your consultation. You should ultimately be quite pleased with the pieces fabricated. Contact a company like Select Steel for more information and assistance.