Signs That Your Septic System Is In Trouble

It is crucial that you are doing everything in your power to notice trouble with your septic system. If you don't, and problems go unnoticed for too long, you could end up facing serious problems, such as the backup of sewage in your home. By reviewing the following signs of trouble, you will have a much easier time knowing when it is time to call in a septic services contractor.

The Bathroom Is Starting To Smell Like Sewage

If you walk into your bathroom and you find that it smells like sewage, there is a good chance that there is a clog somewhere in the drain line. That clog could cause sewage water to back up through the drain line, which you will start to smell before you see it. If you are just catching a small whiff of something that strikes you as odd, but you are not sure if it is a sewage smell, close your bathroom door and keep it closed for a couple of hours. This way, if there is a sewage smell coming up through the bathroom drains, it will have a chance to build up in your bathroom so you can notice it easier.

The Ground Is Soggy In Spots

Unless your area just had a very large amount of rain, you should not have a lawn that is very soggy. Also, if you happen to notice that the lawn is soggy in just one or two areas, that should be considered a sign that there is something wrong with your sewage system. It could be a simple break in the line or the septic tank itself could be overflowing, especially if you are running a little behind schedule for the standard pumping. Until the septic system professional arrives and fixes the problem, you will want to keep all children and pets away from that area, as sewage waste water is toxic.

The Drains Create Bubbling Sounds

If you go to drain a sink or bathtub and you notice that there are suddenly more bubbling sounds than you have heard in the past, it could be due to a problem with your septic lines. You might also hear a sink or tub drain making strange noises when you flush the toilet. The last thing you want to do is to ignore this problem, as it could continue to get worse until septic waste is coming back up out of your drains.

The sooner you get a professional in to examine any concerns that you have, the sooner you will be able to go back to using your septic system without having to worry so much about it..