3 DIY Slate Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

Some homeowners attempt to take on the difficult task of installing their own slate roofing in hopes of saving money. Unfortunately, inexperience and the wrong materials often lead to a poor result. If you are planning on installing your own slate roofing, here are just a few mistakes that could sabotage your project.  

Choosing the Wrong Slate

The installation of your new roof begins with choosing the right materials. When it comes to a slate roof, there is more to it than simply selecting slate shingles. There are variations in the slate that result in different results. For instance, one type of slate might not last as long as another type.  

You can avoid this mistake by carefully doing your research. Once you know how much you can afford to spend on the slate, compare the types of slate that are available within your budget. Ideally, you should look for slate that has a proven track record and that blends with your home's existing architecture.  

Underestimating the Weight of the Slate

Unlike asphalt shingles, slate cannot fit in every roof. Slate is a heavy roofing material that requires a strong foundation. If your home is not structurally sound, the application of the slate roofing could result in the roof collapsing.  

Before installing the slate, you should have your home professionally assessed to determine if it is sound enough to support the weight of the material. You can also learn if there are additional steps you need to take to shore up your roofing to prevent any future problems.  

Walking on the Slate Roofing

As you are installing the slate, walking on the roofing can seem logical as you move back and forth to put the tiles in place. However, doing this could damage the slate and lead to the need for new materials.  

You should never walk on slate roofing. To keep from doing this, you need to carefully plan out the method you are going to use to install the slate. For instance, you could opt to start at the top and work down or you could rely on scaffolds and ladders to avoid stepping on the slate.  

Due to the expense of a slate roofing, you should consider having it professionally installed. Mistakes can prove to be costly and could set your project back. Calling in a professional roofing contractor, such as Palmer Roofing, helps to ensure the job is done right and avoids the need for repairs to correct botched work later.