Considering A Pole Barn Or Stick Frame? Reasons Why You Should Choose A Pole Barn

If you need a structure, you may be trying to decide between installing a stick frame or a pole barn. There are many advantages of choosing a pole barn, five of which are listed below. This can help you decide what would work best for you.

Does Not Require Level Ground

Many structures have to have level ground, including buildings with any type of stick frame structures. Fortunately, a pole barn can be installed on any ground no matter the level. This means you will not have to worry about hiring someone to level out your ground if it has slopes on it. This not only saves you time but also saves you a lot of money.

Save Money on Foundation

With a stick frame, you would have to have the land excavated and install a large amount of concrete. With a pole barn, however, the foundation consists of digging holes with a power auger, and placing poles in the holes and support the poles with footers. A floating slab can then be poured to provide the barn with flooring.

Uses Less Wood

With a stick frame structure, you would have to install an intensive structural support and framing. This means the stick frame needs approximately 15 to 24 feet of center framing. A pole barn does not need intensive framing and the frame can span to approximately eight to 10 feet. The frame on a pole barn can carry much more weight when compared to a stick frame. It also requires much less wood to be constructed.

Easy to Install

Pole barns are easier and quicker to construct than stick-built structures. A stick-built structure requires a construction crew and you would have to have a lot of excavation work done to do this job on your own. Because a pole barn consists of poles with footers, you can easily install it yourself only using a few simple tools.

There are pole-barn kits that you can purchase that come with complete instructions on how to build barn. If you decide to hire a contractor to build the pole barn for you, it would not require as many labor hours when compared to stick frame.

Contact a pole-barn builder like Platinum Renovations in your area to learn much more about them and their advantages. The builder can come to your property to help you decide where to place the pole barn and how large to build it.