Looking To Remodel A Small Bathroom? Three Tips For Making It Feel Larger

If you have a small bathroom that is outdated, you may be thinking about remodeling the space. However, as you remodel it, you want to focus on making it look and feel larger. This can make a bathroom look and feel more functional and less cramped. A remodeling service can help you come up with a variety of different ideas that will make your bathroom look and feel modern, while also making it feel larger. They can then complete the renovation for you, completing the transformation. Here are a few of the ways they can make a small bathroom feel larger.

Removing the Tub

It is becoming more common for homeowners to remove a bathtub and go with only a shower in its place. If your bathroom is short on space, removing the tub in favor of a shower may free up some floor space, depending on the size of the shower stall you decide to go with. However, even if you decide to keep the existing footprint of the tub for the shower space, you can still give the illusion of more space. A glass shower surround is see-thru from the ground up. This tricks the eye into seeing all of the floor space, without the blockage that a tub creates. This makes it look like there is more space in the bathroom, even if there really isn't. But before you ditch the tub, it is important to note how ditching the tub can affect your resale value. Most buyers are looking for a home with at least one bathtub, so if this is the only tub in your home, you may want to think twice before getting rid of it. If you have another tub in the home, losing the tub in your small bathroom is a great way to make the space feel larger.

Using Large Mirrors

You may be hesitant to place a large mirror in a small bathroom, thinking it will look out of place or take up all of the wall space. However, a large mirror can actually make a small bathroom look and feel larger. A mirror does a few different things. First off, it reflects the space in front of you, making the space seem much larger. If you have a narrow bathroom, placing a long mirror against your longest wall helps to make the space feel wider by reflecting the available space. This tricks the eye into seeing double the amount of space. Placing mirrors opposite each other in the space can further trick the eye, helping it to feel like the room is never ending. The second thing that a mirror does is reflect the light in the space. This can help make a bathroom brighter, which can keep it from feeling dark and drab. This too can make it feel larger.

Going With a Pedestal Sink

The last way to make a small bathroom look and feel larger is by going with a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink has a smaller footprint than a sink that sits atop a cabinet and countertop. The thin sink takes up very little room, which actually creates more floor space in your bathroom. However, you do give up some storage if you decide to go with a pedestal sink. If you need storage in the space and decide to go with a pedestal sink, a medicine cabinet mirror, over-the-toilet shelving unit, or a small corner cabinet unit may provide you with the storage you need without taking up much space.

The renovations you make to a small bathroom can not only help to modernize the space. They can also help to either give you more floor space or create the illusion of a larger bathroom. A full bathroom renovation is a lot of work and not something the average homeowner is equipped to complete themselves. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, a remodeling service, such as Century Roofing Company Inc, can help transform your dated small bathroom into one that is current and feels significantly larger.