Accessories And Tips That Can Improve Life In The Kitchen For People With Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that impacts approximately 52.5 million adults throughout the United States. Among those suffering from arthritis, an estimated 2 million say that arthritis makes it difficult for them to grasp smaller objects while an approximate 3 million says they have trouble lifting anything that weighs 10 pounds or more. These problems can make daily activities in the kitchen seem impossible, but there are plenty of accessories and tips that can change all of that.

Must-Have Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories can often make life in the kitchen far easier, which is particularly the case if you currently suffer from any debilitating form of arthritis. Not only is it difficult to grasp small handles, such as those found on knives, cutting up foods may also prove challenging.

Applying pressure to cut up foods may agitate your arthritis. One way to address this issue is to opt for larger handled accessories or those with rubber grips. Larger handled accessories are far easier to grasp whereas rubberized grips allow you to gain a better grip on various items without the risk of dropping them.

Some other accessories to consider would be a blender and a food processor. Both accessories allow you to chop and dice up foods without having to strain your hands and wrists. By simply adding foods to the blender or processor, you can push a button to chop and dice your foods quickly and easily.

Individuals with arthritis often say that it is hard to twist open lids, which can make operating jars and canisters a chore. The twisting motion can create a strain on the hands and wrists, which can in turn cause pain. Consider adding canisters to your kitchen that can be opened with the push of a button rather than a twist of the lid.

If you are a frequent coffee drinker, even something as simple as gripping a full 12-cup pot of coffee may prove difficult. One option is to replace your 12-cup coffee brewer with one that brews single cups at a time. You may find that grasping and lifting a single cup of coffee is far easier than lifting a full pot of coffee.

Kitchen Tips for Arthritic Individuals

To begin with, organizing your kitchen is a must. With kitchen organization, you can minimize the need to bend and reach for objects. For example, rather than storing spices up in the cabinet, use a kitchen accessory such as a spice rack. Keep the spice rack near your stove so you can easily reach your spices while cooking.

Considering that you may have trouble lifting heavy objects such as a bag of flour, a bag of sugar, or even a large can of coffee, it is best to keep these ingredients in smaller, lightweight canisters. Place the canisters on your kitchen counter near your coffee pot to minimize the need for lifting.

Another tip is to use a rocking motion when cutting up foods. Larger handled knives and those with curved blades can make the rocking motion easier. Additionally, when you slice foods using a rocking motion, it reduces the strain on your hands and wrists that can occur when you press down to cut.

Opt to replace heavy cast iron skillets and glass pans with those that are more lightweight, such as pots and pans made from aluminum. Silicone bakeware is also ideal as they are lightweight. Make sure you keep your pots and pans near enough to the stove.

It is recommended that you store pots and pans in an easy to reach areas, such as on the upper shelf of a bottom cabinet so you do not have to bend as far to reach them. Avoid keeping them in a shelf above the stove so you do not have to reach up to grasp them.

Fortunately, you can purchase many of the kitchen accessories listed above through a variety of retailers. Better yet, a retail professional from a company like Central Plumbing Specialties can help guide you toward plenty of other accessories that can make your life easier in the kitchen, particularly if you suffer from arthritis.