Four Ways to Increase the Range of Your Garage Door Opener

Triggering a garage door to open typically requires you to be within a certain range so the signal from the remote control will reach the opener, usually about 3 to 5 car lengths away. If you find you have to get closer than normal to activate your garage or you need a longer range, here are a few ways you can boost your opener's signal.

Replace the Batteries

The simplest thing you can do to fix a range problem with your garage door opener is to replace the batteries. If the batteries are weak, the opener may not be strong enough to intercept signals from as far away as it used to. It's the same with remote controls. Low battery juice may reduce the remote's signal strength, so you have to be close to the door to activate it.

If you notice you're having range issues with only one remote, then the batteries in that device may be going out. If all of your controllers are not working properly, then the batteries in the opener may be weak. Replace them and see if that fixes the problem.

Reduce Interference

Another thing can reduce the range of a garage door opener is interference from electrical devices, such as alarm systems, appliances, computers, cordless phones, certain lighting fixtures, and battery chargers. This is because many electrical devices emit radio signals, and if the device is close enough to your garage door opener, its signal can interfere with the opener, reducing its range.

You can check if this is the issue by recalling whether the problem started when you got a new electronic device. For instance, if you purchased a wireless television shortly before your garage door opener began malfunctioning, then chances are good the TV's signal is interfering with the garage door opener. You can also systematically unplug items and see if the range improves with the devices off.

If you find one of your devices is causing your garage door opener to malfunction, you'll need to move the electronic to restore the opener's range. Upgrading the garage door's remote control may also work, as higher quality controls can filter out extraneous noise. There are also filters you can purchase that may reduce interference from power or telephone lines.

Install an Antenna Booster

It may be not be feasible to eliminate radio signals from electronic devices that are interfering with your opener's range, or you may want to increase the signal for other reasons. Installing an antenna booster is a good option for this situation. The booster typically attaches to your existing antenna to increase the signal and may hang straight from the opener or need to be attached to the garage door or wall to work.

Most manufacturers have extension kits, so it's best to buy one from the manufacturer of your garage door opener to maximize compatibility.

Use a Wireless App

You can boost the range of your garage door opener while also extending its capabilities by using a wireless app to control your opener. Many modern garage door openers are already built containing technology that allows them to be controlled using a wireless, rather than a radio, signal. However, there are also third-party kits you can use to retrofit your existing opener so you can control it using a smartphone app.

The primary benefit to going this route is you'll be able to operate your garage door from any location. However, since the appliance is now hooked up to a wireless signal, it does make it vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, it's critical to ensure the product you ultimately use has security measures in place that prevent unscrupulous people from breaking into your home by hacking your garage door.

For more ways to boost your opener's range or assistance with fixing other issues with your garage door, contact a technician in your area or visit a garage door service company.