2 Ways A Land Surveyor Can Help You Protect Your Investment

Whether you are planning to purchase a home or property or you already own a home, a land surveyor can prove to be a terrific asset. Aside from determining where your property lines are, a land surveyor can help you to protect your purchase investment in various ways. From determining potential flooding to helping you avoid a financial burden, hiring a land surveyor is high recommended.

Avoid Drowning in Debt

Water damage can cost homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars based on the extent of the overall damages. Water damage costs insurance companies an estimated $2.5 billion each year. Flooding is one common cause for water damage to a home. If a home is located in an area prone to flooding or the land the home sits on is not graded properly, it could leave you drowning in debt.

Fortunately, a land surveyor can assist you in determining if your property is at risk. Land surveyors have the knowledge and ability to determine if the land grade is capable of preventing flooding. They can also evaluate the area to determine if flooding has been a problem in the past. Land surveyors often have access to area flood maps to assist them in performing their jobs properly.

Once you understand the flood risks, it is up to you whether you want to purchase the home or property in question. Keep in mind that the risk of flooding should not deter you from making your purchase. If you have the extra funds, you could always opt to grade the land properly. Properly graded land is sloped enough to ensure that flood waters run away from your home rather than pooling around it. However, knowing what your flood risks are can help you save money in the long run.

Avoid an Expensive Suit

It is never good to find yourself involved in an expensive lawsuit. Lawsuits cost both time and money and often include a lot of frustration. Believe it or not, a land surveyor can help you avoid an expensive and unnecessary lawsuit. Land surveyors specialize in identifying property lines. They help you determine exactly where your property lines are so that you do not accidentally build on your neighbor's property.

Once the surveyor helps you identify where your property lines are, they can also assist you in determining where you are allowed to build and plant objects. You should never build or plant right on your property line. Building or planting right on your property line could still leave you subject to a lawsuit if you are not careful.

For example, if you were to plant a tree on the property line, you run the risk of part of the tree hanging over onto your neighbor's property. The neighbor then has the right to cut off any branches that may hang over onto their property, which would leave you with a lopsided, unsightly looking tree. If any branches, nuts, or fruits produced by the tree happen to fall over onto your neighbor's property and cause damages or injuries, you could be held liable.

If you plan to construct a fence, be sure not to build the fence directly on the property line. Although you could put the fence on the property line if you wish, one mistake could land you in legal trouble. Most fencing companies opt to install a fence approximately one foot within the property line to avoid any legal issues, and you should do the same.

Thanks to all of the modernized technology available to surveyors today, you can receive accurate property line information within a matter of days. Ensure that you hire a land surveyor before you purchase any piece of property and before you build anything on your property to ensure that you are within your rights (and your lines) to do so. For more information, contact a business such as Community Sciences Corporation.