5 Specifics About Residential Skylights (And Why You Might Consider Installing Them With Your New Roof)

As part of your new residential roof installation service, skylights may be an option to consider. Other than offering aesthetic appeal and resale value, skylights can be energy efficient and offer natural light and privacy as well. Here is more about this topic that may help you decide if skylights are right for you when installing your new roof:

1. Skylights Optimize Natural Light

Is your home lacking sufficient natural light? Perhaps there is too much shading outside to allow adequate daylight to enter through your windows. Improper daylight inside the home may make your home appear smaller and less attractive and put you in a "dreary" mood as well. By hiring a roofing contractor to install skylights, or "roof windows" as they are sometimes called, you may resolve those issues.

Adequate natural light in the home is also important for those with poor eyesight or seniors who require additional light to see better. It may prevent accidents such as falls due to improper lighting in dimly lit areas of the home. You might have a contractor install skylights above the hallway and entryway, as well as the kitchen, bedrooms and living room.

2. Your Home May Receive Better Ventilation

Do you find your attic and upstairs living area becoming too hot during the summer? Installing skylights may provide ventilation. This may be accomplished through the use of an electric skylight system which pulls out warm air through the vents, or with skylights that open with the use of a remote control or extension pole. Better home energy efficiency may lower your monthly energy bills.

By installing skylights that open as a window does, you're able to let fresh air in your home any time, day or night. You may find this reduces the need for air conditioning. Additionally, open skylights are a safer alternative than keeping ground floor windows open, especially at night or when you are not at home.

3. Skylights Offer Better Privacy Than Standard Windows

If lack of privacy prevents you from opening your windows in the bedroom and bathrooms, skylights may solve that problem. There's no need to sacrifice natural daylight because of neighbors and passersby. With the advantage of skylights, you can pull down your window shades and prevent others from looking in, yet still receive optimal daylight through the "roof windows."

4. You Have the Option of Laminated Glass and E-Glass

These days, many homeowners choose to install laminated glass and e-glass for their skylights. Here's what each has to offer:

  • Laminated Glass: This glass is best for areas prone to strong winds and storms. Constructed with an plastic insider layer between two panes of glass, if the the laminated glass breaks, it will stay in place rather than shatter into pieces. Laminated glass skylights will also block the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which may be damaging to your furniture and to your health. You may have to install laminated glass for your skylights if building codes in your area require it.

  • Low E-Glass: The low e-glass coatings are glazed to block emissions from the sun. Also, the coating helps to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home, thus providing better insulation. Low e-glass is measured by something referred to as U-Factor, which rates the insulation properties of the glass. Look for a low U-Factor for maximum efficiency.

5. Accessories Are Available for Skylights

What type of accessories could be available for roof skylights? Consider pleated or rolling window shades that operate with a remote control. Skylight shades are an ideal option for reducing glare while watching television. You may also want to utilize a shade during a lighting storm to prevent the light from keeping you awake at night, or to prevent furniture from fading during sunny days.

If you need further information regarding residential skylights, contact a local roofing contractor. Contractors may offer various choices as well as provide installation services. They may also provide home estimates and evaluations.