How To Integrate One Of The Hottest Trends Into Your Back Yard Swimming Pool

At the moment, it is considered fashionable to have more natural features around your swimming pool. Besides the classic waterfalls, one aspect of nature that is becoming increasingly popular is a poolside fire feature. Fire features come in a variety of styles and sizes, from a classic, wood burning fireplace to a modern, gas powered stone bowl with flame effects. Choosing the right fire feature may make your pool the hottest in the neighborhood, but the best way to make it the talk of the town is to find a unique and useful way to integrate it into your custom pool in Cape, Florida. 

Heat Your Pool With a Wood Burning Stove

Heating your swimming pool can make it more pleasant to swim in and can extend your swimming season during the year. Traditional pool heaters are gas powered and average $2,662 after parts and installation. However, they are usually not anything that will impress your guests' sense of aesthetics. Alternatively, you can install a wood burning water heater near your pool. 

These heaters tend to be barrel or basin shaped and have copper tubing running around them. Water is pumped from your pool, into the tubing, where it is heated, and then back into your pool. You can choose to do this project yourself, but you may want a professional to help with pump selection and placement. Not only will you have a great fire feature to gather around, but it serves the added purpose of increasing the comfort of your swimming experience. 

Keep You and Your Guests Warm With a Long Gas Powered Line 

Most people think of fire features concentrated in a small space, like a traditional fire burns. However, gas powered features can be made in a variety of shapes, including long lines. You should consider installing a long, perforated gas line covered with stones along a sun shelf. When you turn on the flames, the stones will absorb some heat and create a pocket of warmth around your sun shelf while providing a soft background of flickering flames. 

Light Up Your Night With a Fire Fountain 

Water and fire may seem like complete opposites, but the way they both flow creates an interesting visual image. Instead of having a fire feature beside your pool, consider fully integrating it into your pool by installing an island fountain feature with flames coming out of the top. This type of feature could add a very natural light to your nighttime pool parties and, depending on the style of fountain you select, it could be a great feature to rest your drinks on. 

Fire fountains are usually gas powered and have either stones or glass marbles in a bowl on top of a traditional overflow fountain. Wood burning fountains are an option, but you might be frustrated when it comes time to reload the fire. 

Put a New Twist on Traditional Barbecues 

Barbecues are a traditional part of poolside fun. Unfortunately, they are not always the most attractive apparatuses. You could consider installing a permanent barbecue pit next to your pool. A stone or brick barbecue with a chimney not only looks pleasant, but will keep any smoke away from you and your guests. If you install this feature with its backside facing the pool and on a slightly lower level, swimmers can rest their back against the warm bricks of the chimney.  

If you are thinking about installing a fire feature near your current pool or adding one to a custom pool you are having built, you should discuss your options with your contractor. There are many ways you can integrate the feature into the pool to enjoy the natural contrast of fire alongside water, but the most effective features will be both pleasing to look at and offer extra functionality for you and your guests.